You are the Miracle the world is waiting for!

I know you.

You are the woman that gives unconditionally to everyone in her life, but not always to herself. You are the woman with magnificent dreams that keep getting put on the back burner. You are the woman who wants to love herself deeply, to know herself intuitively, and to really trust that there is a higher power working on her behalf. 

I know you, because I have been where you are. I understand the ache of a life not fully lived. I understand the desire for a grander life experience. But I also know the potential that exists within you to create it ALL. 

Are you ready to leap? 

I help women to honor their truth,

To stand for what they value,

To follow their inner wisdom unapologetically,

And to nourish and care for themselves in bold and brilliant ways.

I help women heal the parts of themselves that feel unlovable, disrobe the illusion of their Ego (Fear), and guide them back to the Self that is already loved, whole, and perfect.

I help women open up to the dreams that are hardwired within them so that they can be of greater service to their families, their communities, and the world.

But really... I help women come home to themselves.

To the beautiful, brilliant, and absolutely lovely miracle that they are. 

Support is just a click away... 

1:1 Coaching Program

Love from some Lovely Ladies...

Meg guided me through pain, joy, awareness, revelation, awakening, subconscious thoughts, and more—bringing me the opportunity to see the best version of myself. Meg’s gift in creating a safe environment for everyone to not only be vulnerable, but also to be supported, is remarkable. This program is about so much more than reaching life goals. It is about opening our hearts and minds to see how we have become who we are today, and how we can use simple but powerful tools to live a life full of joy, success, and love that we never before imagined. I will forever be grateful to Meg for allowing me to discover the light inside me that has been dimmed for so long.

- Jennifer Crosley, Photographer/Owner of Capture Photography

"Meg Haines provides services that are life changing! My business has doubled in the past 3 months because of Meg's services. She has taught me how to reflect from within and to start walking in my FULL potential everyday through her services. The growth that I have experienced has changed my life, relationships and income. I have recommended her to everyone I know because everyone should be liberated in their life and believe they are the best version of themselves. She helped me do just that. Thank you Meg." 
- Rena, Worldwide Jet Charter

Meg has an amazing energy and presence; she exudes positivity and support. I have learned so much about myself through her guidance and have been given tools on how to approach times of stress or uneasiness in my life. I can't wait to continue working with Meg and I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone! 

- Stephanie Simpson, Artistic Director/Co-Founder Reject Dance Theater  http://www.rejectdancetheatre.com