When I talk to entrepreneurs and individuals about what they desire most for their lives, it always comes down to 3 core things:

Time, Money, and Freedom.

They want to have the time and resources to take better care of themselves and their families, to have more fun, to travel, to develop their creative interests, and discover new passions. They want to have a greater impact through their work, give back to their communities, and have the support and structure that makes it all feel easy. But most of all, they just want to enjoy the rich and beautiful process of living a full and meaningful life, without being held back by a set of conditions that feel soul-sucking and wing-crushing.

If you’re saying to yourself, “YES THAT IS WHAT I WANT!”,

then let me ask you this…


Do you feel like you are…

  • Stuck in the “work hard / burn-out” cycle, never quite getting ahead, feeling fulfilled, or making the money you desire

  • Feeling overwhelmed, drained and exhausted that you catch yourself wasting time and numbing out

  • Not knowing how to make yourself a priority or set boundaries so you keep neglecting your needs and putting yourself on the back burner

  • Unsure of what to do next or what action to take because you don’t trust your intuition

  • Not feeling worthy, deserving, or accomplished enough to have the life and abundance you desire

  • Struggling to do life and business by yourself because you don’t know how to ask for help and are afraid you won’t be supported

  • Trapped in the “I’ll be happy when…” belief that you are unable to enjoy your life as it is right now

  • Doing everything “right” and still not getting the results you want in your health, your finances, your business, your relationships, etc.?


A very different contrast from what you most desire right?

If you can relate, I hear you!

No one gets this more than me.

I reached a point in my life and business where my body had had enough. I was financially tapped, exhausted, anxious, and trying to push through the complete burnout I felt. Until… I just couldn’t do it anymore.

I had no other choice, but to surrender.

I stopped trying to figure out what I was supposed to do, or what was “wrong” with me, and I let myself cry, sleep, cancel plans, not take on new clients or promote my business.

I literally and figuratively held up my hands and said, “Ok Universe. You win. Whatever you shall have me do, it’s your call from now on.”

And even though I was totally in the throws of the unknown, unsure of what my future looked like at that point, I was finally at peace with not knowing. It was then, that my intuition broke radio silence (rather, I was finally tuned in) and I began receiving what I call “Divine Downloads”.

They started as feelings, then words, then ideas, until everything pieced together into the creation of this program:


Let me just get a little “woo” on you for a second.

We all possess both masculine and feminine energy.

The masculine helps us access logic and reason, to make a plan, take action, feel disciplined and confident; actualizing and executing our vision with determination, power, and will.

The feminine helps us to trust and express our intuitive wisdom and creativity, to experience the beauty, pleasure, and joy of life, and be more loving and gentle with ourselves; understanding that we are, in every moment, co-creating the life we desire.

When these energies are in balance, we feel at peace, and our lives reflect this balance. But our world teaches and conditions us to place more value on the “doing” and “achieving” of the masculine, that we have lost touch with who we are, what we want, and what is truly important. As a result, the masculine energy within us (and collectively) has become unbalanced, overpowering the feminine and inviting more struggle, lack, anxiety, and chaos into our lives.

For me, I was so burnout trying to “get somewhere” and be who I thought I was “supposed to be” in my life and business that I disconnected from my joy and my “Why”.

So what is the antidote?

Divine Feminine Mastery is a program to help you come home to who you truly are, become the master of your energy, and cultivate more joy, fun, abundance and connection so that you can thrive in your life and business!


How would it feel to:

  • Have complete trust in your intuition and the Universe’s plan for you

  • Make more money and have a greater impact in your life and business

  • Experience the freedom to be authentically YOU in your life, relationships, and business

  • Cultivate an abundance mindset as a Miracle Manifestor

  • Create a non-negotiable, sacred self-care practice that nourishes you, so that you can nourish others

  • Increase your focus and productivity, so that you have more time for what’s important

  • Move through life’s ebbs and flows with grace and ease

  • Feel deep joy and gratitude for the life you are creating


You are the foundation of your life and business, and you need both energies working in harmony with each other. Otherwise you will continue a cycle of struggle, fear, lack, and burn-out, and that is not why you are here.

By inviting more of the Feminine into your life, you bring the Masculine into balance, allowing your action to be inspired, your manifestations to feel easy, and your life to feel truly magical!


The Divine Feminine has many invitations for us, but in this program I will walk you through twelve: 

Each module includes:

  • 12 trainings to learn how these invitations powerfully impact, serve, and support your life and business

  • 12 meditations to connect to the healing wisdom of your intuition for greater peace and clarity

  • 12 guidebooks to further understand, practice, and incorporate these invitations into your life


Also included:

  • Monthly group calls to dive deeper into the content with coaching support

  • A Private FB Group for inspiration, accountability and connection with like-hearted Souls

  • And Bonus Material for additional support!

Some of the shifts already happening... 

"I had this amazing experience yesterday where for the first time in a long time, I took a whole day for self- care and nourishment. I forgot how blissful, healing and necessary it is to spend time loving yourself! Meg so effortlessly paves the pathway to a more heart-centered relationship for your life and yourself. She taught me to value myself, my time and my spirit. I can now detach from feeling bad and link arms in trusting that the Universe sends more when you stay fully present, nourished, and follow your divine flow." - Meghan Shea, Animal Whisperer

"This course will help you gain more clarity and insight into yourself and teach you how to nourish yourself more thoroughly so that you can really be present for yourself and others. This course will help you release and surrender old thought patterns and negative energies so you can move forward with new understanding and wisdom. I cannot say with enough emphasis how talented Meg is. She, without judgement, listens and teaches with love and the world and I am better for it."  -Meaghan H., N.H.


The Modules of DIVINE FEMININE MASTERY Include: 


the invitation to become aware of the good life has to offer, to harness the power and peace of the present moment, and to consciously choose what you desire to experience.


the invitation to embrace how worthy you are to receive love by setting boundaries and cultivating a sustainable, sacred practice of self-care.


the invitation to create a magical, rich, and rewarding life experience by embracing what brings you joy.


the invitation to set yourself free from the weight of a story that keeps you small, to be honest with yourself and others, and show up authentically in your life and business.


the invitation to abandon the belief that you are separate, alone, or disconnected from your intuition, others and the Universe, and to develop your intuitive abilities so that you can be a conscious co-creator of the life you desire and have deeper, meaningful relationships with others.


the invitation to honor your pace and your path, release all expectations and comparison that causes you to struggle, and surrender to the rhythms of life and the Divine’s plan for you.


the invitation to harness your power and joy as a creative being, to transcend your pain through expression, and to witness the magic and connection that your gifts bring the world.


the invitation to become an appreciative and grateful witness to the charm and enchantment of all life, to attune your eyes to see the goodness beyond the exterior of things, and to cultivate a life that aesthetically pleases the soul, touches the heart, and inspires the radiance within you to shine out into the world!


the invitation to give yourself permission to follow what resonates, to release what doesn’t, and align yourself with the life you most desire.


the invitation to cultivate a tribe of sacred Souls that you can trust, depend on, feel supported and uplifted by, so that you have the foundation to fly.


the invitation to allow things to be as they are, to simplify what you are complicating, and restore a sense of balance and harmony in your life.


the invitation to witness the miracles, blessings, and synchronicities of the Universe, to trust that the Divine is always working on your behalf, and to cultivate an ever-flowing stream of abundance that supports the expansion of your life and business.

And when you enroll in Divine Feminine Mastery, a percentage of your investment will go to the charity of your choice: 


The Anthony Robbins Foundation is a non-profit organization created to empower individuals and organizations to make a significant difference in

the quality of life of people

WCS saves wildlife and wild places worldwide through science, conservation action, education, and inspiring people to value nature.

The Divine Feminine teaches us that we are all One, and the investment we make in each other and our planet is the greatest gift we can contribute to the world!




Is this program open to women and men?

Absolutely! We believe that this course calls to whomever needs it, and the Divine Feminine does not discriminate! This program is for anyone desiring more balance of their Masculine and Feminine energies.

What is the best way to make the most out of this program?

We recommend one module per month to give you the space and time to get the most out of the material. However, we understand that everyone's lives and schedules allow for flexibility, so the program is available for you to go through at your leisure. Even upon completion of the program, you may realize that there are modules you need to revisit, and we encourage you to do so! There are new insights to be gained through each experience of the program.

What if I don't have Facebook?

The Facebook group is not a requirement for the program, however it is an amazing resource for support, accountability, and inspiration. Community is one of the invitations of the Divine Feminine and we have an amazing community of like-hearted souls over in our FB group!

Are refunds available?

Because of the instant access to the course content, which is available to you 24/7, there are NO refunds available for this course.