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BEGINS october 25th

Every Wednesday, October 25th- December 6th at 4:30pm PST/ 7:30pm EST

I am offering one last LIVE Intuitive Development Masterclass before turning it into an online program. If you have been wanting to learn how to develop and master your intuitive abilities, this is an amazing opportunity to be mentored by me in a small intimate setting. 

Everything I am teaching in this class comes from my 15 years of training, working with some of the top spiritual and intuitive teachers in the world, and almost a decade working as a healer and spiritual mentor for private clients.

It has been so powerful, not only for me to teach this work, but to see my clients manifest their dream homes, attract their soulmate, create businesses that have a global reach and impact, heal dis-eases, and bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of abundance into their lives simply by learning to honor and trust their inner guidance and wisdom.

We are all born with this gift. It's the nudge that tells you to call the person you haven't talked to in a while, the whisper that invites you to say yes to that crazy dream you have, and the loving voice that tells you not to go down a certain street.


Our intuition is not a "woo-woo" thing. It is, perhaps, the greatest resource we have in our lives, and when we learn to listen and follow it's guidance, extraordinary and life-changing things happen. (Even life-saving!) That is why teaching this work is so important for me, and in this Masterclass we will dive deep and cover a ton of content to support you in your intuitive journey. 

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Over the six weeks I'll be covering: 

Becoming a Clear Channel: Understanding how your intuition works 

Honoring your Body’s Wisdom: Learning how the chakras are a blueprint for growth and healing

Developing a Foundational Practice: The spiritual tools to help you tap in

Activating your Intuition: Developing your psychic ability through your senses

Intuitive Readings: Learning the art of Aura, Angel, Past-life, and Mediumship readings

Heart Centered Spiritual Service: Using the information you receive for greater influence and impact


Feel more confident, connected, and aligned with your intuitive ability than ever before! 

To provide you with the most support, this class includes:

Six 90min weekly group trainings

Two 30min 1:1 calls

A Private FB Community to practice, connect + share experiences

Guided Meditations + Materials


I am delighted to bring this Masterclass to you at a one time only incredible value of $597!


Sign up by Sunday September 24th at 7pm PST and get $100 off!


Are you ready?


Have questions? Let's connect!