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Energy Healing + Spiritual Mentoring Sessions

My journey as a healer + spiritual teacher over the last 10 years has led me to study several modalities such as Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy™, Angel Therapy®, Past Life Regression, and Coaching. I work with the Angels, Elementals, Ascended Masters, and your guides to create a safe and Divinely orchestrated session that is specifically catered to you. All sessions are 75 minutes in length, done virtually through Zoom or Skype, and your choice of either a Past Life Regression or Healing with the Angels.


Past Life Regression

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A Past Life Regression is a powerful way to heal limiting blocks or beliefs carried over from other lifetimes or understand a deep connection you may have to a certain person, purpose, or place that you can't explain. Using guided imagery and a progressive relaxation technique, Archangel Michael and I will guide you safely back to the lifetimes that offer you the greatest healing and understanding. A few things to know about this modality...

* These sessions are Angelically guided so you will only experience what you feel ready and safe enough to experience.

* Your experience can either be in first person or third person perspective.

* The objective is not to rehash trauma or relive pain, but to extract the wisdom and blessing from these events and disconnect your energetic attachment to them. In this way you can move forward with peace, love, forgiveness, and compassion, knowing you are safe and have the power now to make more informed choices.  

* It can be addicting to want to explore all your past lives, but ultimately, you are living here, in the present. Past Life Regressions are only recommended when there is a block or connection that feels significant enough to explore, to serve you in your life now.


Healing with the Angels

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These sessions are personalized and can include energy healing work, guided imagery, spiritual mentorship and intuitive development. I work with your and my guides and Angels to channel messages of love and support for you in all areas of your life.

* Before each session, I will have you set an intention for where you would like to focus our time together. 

* These sessions are intuitively guided so they will be different each time depending on what we are working on together and what your and my Angels decide is best.

* Guided imagery is like a guided meditation, helping you to connect to your intuition and the Angels' wisdom for you. 

* The Energy work is a combination of Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy™, an angelic form of healing work that clears limiting patterns, beliefs, and trauma on a DNA level.

* Often you will receive "inspired action", assignments or next steps to follow that will support you in your life and/or business.


Energy Mapping Sessions

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What would it feel like to experience more ease and joy in your life? For your work to feel inspired and money to flow without you having to hustle so hard? What would it feel like to have more time and energy to dedicate to the things you truly enjoy?

Everything is energy, including YOU, so when things aren't flowing in your life, it's because your energy is either blocked, leaking out, or not in alignment with what you really want and who you really are.

Blocks are limitations preventing energy from flowing freely. This could be a belief you have that's keeping you stuck or a condition in your life you are seeing as unchangeable.

An energy leak is something you are unconsciously giving your energy to that drains your energy. This could be your to-do list, social media, or a relationship that is causing you stress.

When you are not a vibrational match to the thing you desire, it is because your energy is out of alignment with who you truly are and what it is you want. For example, if you are wanting more money but are operating from a place of lack and scarcity, you are not actually in alignment with money, but with the lack of it. You are not vibrating as the wealthy and abundant being that you are, but as someone who sees themselves as separate from the abundance of the Universe. 

In these sessions I will be guiding you to different aspects of your life to uncover what is flowing and feeling good, and what needs clearing and adjusting. Energy Mapping is like an energetic attunement, helping to bring awareness and understanding to what is not serving you or your energy, so you can powerfully reclaim, raise, and re-direct your energy to the things that are the most authentic, exciting and joyful to you. When you learn to harness your own energy and leverage it with the Universe, miracles are inevitable!  

These sessions are 90min in length, are done virtually through Zoom or Skype, and include:

* Your own personalized Energy Map that describes what you are giving your energy to that is impacting your alignment.

* A detailed plan with inspired action steps to help plug up energy leaks, re-direct your energy where you want it to go, and how to maintain a high energetic vibration to attract the things you most desire. 


Quick Misnomer About the Term “Healing”

In essence, you are already healed. You are already perfect. An energy healing session is designed to simply realign you with that perfection that you Divinely are, to awaken your intuition, and give you guidance and clarity while clearing out anything that is blocking you from experiencing your wholeness now.

What to know...

  • The information received is ALWAYS loving and for your highest good.

  • Your soul, Angels, + spirit guides are guiding these sessions and readings. I am simply facilitating your experience.

  • There is nothing for you to DO, only to receive.

  • Make sure to drink lots of water before and after a healing session.

  • Let all expectations go. The energy knows exactly where to go to best serve you.

  • As a healer, my job is to hold the space for healing energy and wisdom to flow. Once the healing session or reading is over, to honor my boundaries and yours, I release your energy back to you. That means that there are no follow-ups or contact between sessions. Should you desire more understanding, support, or healing, you are encouraged to book another session.


Client Experiences:

I had the opportunity to do an energy healing session with Meg to help clear out some old emotional trauma that I had been carrying with me from a very young age. I was skeptical going in to the session, nervous and also excited all at once. Meg welcomed me in and made me feel comfortable and at ease with the idea of facing this experience that had been so painful for most of my life. The results from the session were nothing short of profound. They were powerfully emotional, motivating and, of course, incredibly healing. I now feel as if the experience from my childhood happened in another life time. We were able to cut the cords of attachment to it that I have carried with me for so long. I was also able to realize healing bonds with a few members of my family who were involved in the experience and the day after our session, I had a powerful moment with a loved one. It was almost as if he knew that our souls were connecting during the session and he showed up unexpectedly at my home the next day, helped me with a situation I had not planned for and also sat with me and talked on a level we had never experienced in our relationship before. It gave me chills and has positively impacted our relationship in the present in a way I have always hoped for. I will be eternally grateful to Meg for her support and love. She has helped me change my life through her work and I cannot put a price tag on this gift. I would highly recommend anyone experiencing blocks, needing healing and a deeper connection to consider working with her.  She is amazing at what she does and I believe she is divinely connected with a higher power.  
-Amber Lilyestrom, Branding Coach. Life Strategist. Photographer.

As we began it seemed as if you were in the room with me, spilling loving, warm and healing energy over me. You could 'see' me in a way I haven't been able to yet. Your sight helped me see myself and those I love in a different light too. I have a deeper understanding about my son and the path he is on and am holding a vision of health, light and love for him without expectations. It's comforting to know I have two guides with me, Meg - well three really if we count you! I think the best thing I received out of our session was seeing myself from a different perspective - as a gentle light healer with so much to offer the world! I am grateful for you, Meg!  -Erika DeJesus, Owner at Synergy in Strength synergyinstrength.com

I had an Energy Healing session from Meg Haines and experienced so much comfort, love and release with her. Her intuition is profound which she gently eases into her healing, by offering guidance, reassurance and love. Not only did she physically transport her energy into my body, but she verbally expressed messages she received from the angelic realm. I highly recommend Meg Haines if you desire healing and guidance on your journey.  
- Gabriella Hartwell, Intuitive Relationship Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher, and Author of You Find Your Soul Mate When You Let Go of Searching

I came to Meg with severe issues of anxieties from my past, as well as coping with the recent loss of a loved one. I felt alone, hopeless, and unworthy of any love. After just two Energy Healing Sessions, a huge weight has been lovingly lifted off my back. During my sessions with her, she has helped me release negative energy, rid myself of nervous anxieties, forgive the past, love the present, and embrace the future. Meg has channeled positive energy within me, allowed me to balance all aspects of my life, and most importantly taught me through her wisdom that I am worthy of love. My sessions with Meg have been, by far, one of the most powerful events of my life. I was revisited by dearly departed loved ones, and experienced vivid flashbacks of past lives. Trust me, I was a skeptic when it came to spirituality, but Meg has opened my eyes to a world I once feared and misunderstood. Thanks to Meg I feel more confident in my own abilities, intuition, and worthiness of love. All in all, if you're looking for spiritual guidance, there is no one more kind, skilled, gifted, knowledgeable, and comforting than Meg Haines. Meg, thank you again for the help, healing, and guidance you have given me! You are an Angel!
- Lana, Los Angeles

Having received Meg's transformational energy work before, I was skeptical that the same results could be accomplished digitally with a 16 hour time difference from over 5,000 miles away. But as Meg effortlessly whisked me away to past lives I realized that her talent, love, and energy could easily defy space and time. I received tremendous healing in my current life and relationships having seen them from a higher perspective; a longer view. After my past life regression, a friend asked me how it went. I described my journeys to the past in great detail and when I was finished they asked, "And how was it over Skype?". I paused, realizing that I had been picturing Meg physically in the room with me during my recounting of it all. That's how insignificant the medium was though which Meg reached me. I'm sold, sign me up again!
- Kyle McEwen, Seoul, Korea

Thanks for helping me embrace my courage and shining light down the path of my own making! - Misty Ross, Yoga Instructor