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The Goddess in you is calling...

To wake up, to step into your Divinity, and reclaim your power. You have work to do sister.

Are you listening to Her? 

When women come together with a collective intention, magic happens. - Phylicia Rashad.jpg

Imagine being able to...

Connect with the wisdom of the Divine Goddess within you

Feel empowered and alive in your body and intuition

Challenge the expectations and ideals that keep you from experiencing your feminine power

Release the stories and experiences that are holding you back from the impact you want to make

Experience the love and unity of Sisterhood in a Sacred Healing Ceremony


Meg creates the most loving, safe and sacred spaces of any mentor I've worked with. Being a part of Meg's tribe has provided the tools, support and confidence I needed to step into my gentle power as a coach and a healer. Whether this is your 1st retreat or 20th, get ready to be seen, heard, loved and nourished in mind, body and soul. - Bri McCorkell


This Retreat is for you if... 


You're a Healer

You offer healing to others through your gifts, your words, and your presence. You feel a strong connection to the Earth, and a desire to serve the world in some way.

You're an Empath

You have a natural ability to feel the hearts and intentions of others. Your keen sense of feeling allows you to tap into and shift the energy around you, and finding balance through boundaries and self care is an on-going practice.

You love all things Spiritual

Terms like "chakra", "light-worker", or "Divine Feminine" are vernacular you jive with. In your bag you might find crystals or essential oils, and you're no stranger to the New Age section of a bookstore. 

You're on the path

You've already done some personal excavation and self-discovery through personal development, various healing modalities, or spiritual study, and are ready to dive in deeper. Your quest is always to know yourself beyond the masks, labels, and conditions of the world and find the balance in being both human and Spirit. 


You want to deepen your connection to other women and find a tribe that sees you, gets you, and embraces all of who you are- especially the "Woo" part. You want a safe space to feel supported and encouraged to be authentically you.


Don't worry Sister... We've Got You!

Meg has a unique ability to help you step into your power and light by creating these sacred circles and sacred sisterhood. We aren’t meant to do this alone. The Divine Feminine is rising and Meg is helping us walk towards it. - Jessica Todd



This retreat was created to bring women together, as we used to gather in Sacred Circle, to honor, witness, and support each other, and conjure up the magic within each of us to rise!

It has been challenging for me to put into words how much working with Meg has truly changed me because it feels too great or too magical to put on paper.  The feeling I get when talking to Meg is being held in this tremendous space of healing, support and love that you are just being lifted higher toward something greater than yourself.   She has this amazing ability to see your heart and so gracefully put your vision into words, reflecting your deepest dreams and desires, even when you can’t quite see it on your own.  She honors what you need and where you are with tremendous love, even if you keep going back to that same idea of being stuck over and over again, but still finds ways to crack you open to layers of yourself you didn’t even know were there.  She has taught me so many things, most importably to trust, love and honor what I need to then serve others in a greater way and show up as the best version of me. - Shannon Gray 


I can already start to feel a shift happening! Everything Meg said completely resonated with me. I can feel my intuition more than ever. It's so in line with the Universe and it was Meg that opened my eyes to it. She is such a gift. I'm so excited to explore everything I have to offer the world! - Kristin Frazier



Our day together features...

Guided meditations, healing dance, deep-dive soul conversations and a sacred ceremony

Nourishing food and beverages locally sourced + provided by the farm (Vegetarian + Vegan friendly)

Opportunities to create lasting soul- sister connections with like-minded women 

A heavenly barn nestled among goats, chickens, two cats, a gorgeous dog named Shasta, and the beautiful greenery of Mama Earth



August 18th, 2018, 10:30am - 6:30pm


88 Beech Road, Eliot, Maine 03903

4 miles from historic Portsmouth, NH



Stay tuned for announcements about future gatherings!


Come for the words. Stay for the feels. Return for the safe space Meg has created for us to flourish together with honesty and true love from each of our souls. I am free to express what is in my heart and know it will be accepted with the greatest respect. - Jen Baz


These women have given me the space and the safety to be loved, to be seen, to be heard and trusted... to be me. I am coming home to myself. - Maria Suchard


More about Shilo Farm

"Shilo Farm is an earth, animal and community centric eco lodge and gathering place intended to inspire and nourish all who visit. We are also a micro farm/homestead that cultivates medicinal plants, herbs and food following permaculture principles of land management.Our property consists of 6 acres of woodland and edible gardens landscapes."

For more information, please contact us at love@meghaines.com.