client love


Meg, you have truly changed my life. When I came to you, I felt like a broken shell of a person. I was sad, and stuck, and was concerned that my future was going to look exactly like my past. I remember my first call with you, I was so nervous to divulge my honest thoughts and experiences. But you made me feel comfortable instantly, and since then, my life has completely turned around. Not only do I now live a more fulfilled, happy life (including a new job, new friends, and new goals), but I've noticed that my thoughts have changed! It's like you are inside my head! And I'm forever grateful for that because I'm able to approach myself and my life with love, in a way I was never able to do before. 

- Erica Wernick, Designer and Success Coach


Working with Meg has been one of the most positive, life altering decisions I have made. I noticed a change in myself almost overnight after our very first session. The changes and improvements continue to transpire every single day.  Now, after a year of coaching with Meg, I can honestly say my life has significantly improved in every major aspect. I went from single and alone to a happy committed relationship. I was able to let go of old wounds I have held on to for 27 years and find forgiveness.  I landed my dream job and doubled my income. I learned to love and appreciate myself for who I am and challenge myself in ways I never knew possible. It is because of Meg that I realized I wanted to become a coach to make a difference in other people's lives just as she has made one in mine. Coaching with Meg has been the best investment I have EVER made. I highly recommend Meg to anyone interested in coaching with her. She can change your life!

- Ginger Koesel, Life Coach and Angel Card Reader


I love working with Meg for a very simple reason--she exudes love. It's so clear that she genuinely has a healing gift and wants to help you in the best way that fits your needs and personality. Meg has incredible knowledge and is privy to countless resources that she can direct you to as well. 

She's very emotionally available, but also incredibly smart, savvy, real and trustworthy. She is also one of the LEAST judgmental people I've ever met and worked with--which is so helpful in creating a healing and peaceful environment for personal, spiritual and emotional growth.

- Louise Cobb, award-winning writer, editor, social media strategist and digital content specialist


Meg Haines deserves every great review and the highest rating offered. Meg is a wonderful vessel of positive energy and wisdom beyond her years. She is a true gem with an amazing gift for the world to experience. Similar to most people, I have succumbed to a lot of setbacks in life that in retrospect perpetuated a broken set of beliefs. Since my encounter with Meg, I have grown significantly! Through the life-coaching sessions she has helped me identify my positive attributes that I was unaware of, as well as highlight areas that need special attention in order to produce positive change. Additionally, she has assisted me in so many areas of my life that I was able to land a new promising career at my dream company! How remarkable! I have gained an insurmountable amount of knowledge, self-love, wisdom, healing, and a stronger spiritual relationship that will continuously benefit me in all aspects of my daily life. Experience her gift first hand and you will understand the truth and passion that exist within these words.

- Ally Siegel


Coaching with Meg Haines has been single-handedly one of the best investments and life decisions I have ever made. My emotional, spiritual, and intuitive growth in less than one year with Meg is something I never thought I could have even accomplished in a decade of therapy. Honestly, I was hesitant at first because I had never hired a coach nor did I think I could afford it. Quickly, I realized my first coaching "assignment" was to expand my thinking and creativity in what I could and could not afford. That simple act alone of shifting towards an abundant mindset rather than defaulting into "Oh, that's not in my budget even if I know in my heart I'd like to". Instead I said YES to coaching with her. This created a domino effect in my life for so many things to fall into place. The money I thought wasn't there, showed up! A deal pushed through. I met the right person at the right time. An opportunity presented itself. I can't explain the exact science but what I know for sure is that that power of creating abundance has always been within me and Meg helped me uncover that. 

I see Meg not only as my coach but a loving sister in life because her work with me has gone beyond my business and my mission (which, by the way, has expanded ten fold!). In our work together, she has guided me to break through various emotional blocks to set me free. From that freedom I tapped into my unlimited confidence and made active changes in my life that aligned me with who I truly am. As a plus, the people I've begun attracting into my life and who I've begun to do business with is unbelievable. The love I feel for myself and others is on a whole different level and I thank Meg for shining her light so brightly because it gave me permission to do the same. Just say YES and witness how your greatness unfolds.

- Kamille Rose Soler, Transformational Speaker, Life & Business Coach, Founder of The Ultimate LYFE


Since working with Meg I have learned to follow my instincts and to see the Divine work at hand in my life.  I'll mention the smallest thing, and Meg will point out how that was a sign or manifestation as a result of the work I've/we've been doing. Because of the trust in my intuition, I was able to recognize a new muscle spasm as something my guides or soul was trying to communicate with me. It happened to be an issue from a past-life injury, and it was holding me back in this life. I've made leaps and bounds in my present life as a result of Meg's past-life work. 

I'm at an age and in a profession where most people would have given up and taken a more practical road by now. For years people have been telling me I'm funny; that I should do stand up. It always terrified me. The idea of being so vulnerable, on a stage, alone, and with my own written material just seemed too scary.  Through working with Meg, I realized the writing I'd been dabbling with needed to be a stand up act. I now firmly believe stand up comedy will be the key to my flourishing as a performer and writer, and will be the key to getting my foot into more doors. It gives me control of what image I portray, and it's something I can get up and perform whenever I can get to an open mic. I'm not sitting around waiting for all my workshops and mailings to pay off. I'm being active and performing regularly, and making people laugh. 

- Gretchen Krull, Actress & Comedian


When I began working with Meg I was very unhappy with where I was at in my life. I felt powerless to make decisions, and had an overwhelming sense that I would never become successful and independent. I had thoughts like, "I should have picked a different career path, finished school, taken life more seriously", “What was I thinking?", “How did I think this would turn out”?

I had a friend that had been working with Meg, and I watched as her life transformed in many amazing ways. At my wits end I was desperate to push through this mental block, so I contacted Meg to see what her coaching was about. It sounded amazing, the only problem was the price. First of all I didn’t have the anything close to the money, and secondly it brought up every issue I had surrounding money and becoming successful and abundant. It brought up every negative belief that I had about myself. “I’ll never have money”, “I’ll never make money, I’m a loser”. But underneath all of that I could sense that somehow doing the thing I feared most was exactly what would serve me best. Meg assured me that this was true, and was incredibly supportive even in the decision making process. She assured me that if I have faith for my own life, the money would come.

So we began to work together, and I committed to myself that my happiness was worth any amount of money, that I valued my own self above all the fear and resistance. This was huge, and as I worked with Meg, I had to face many of these demons. I had more than a few panic attacks about money. Meg would reassure me, and break down exactly where this fear and resistance was coming from. It was amazing how you can train your mind to see what’s really going on, and how small these fears become in the face of what’s really important.

Four months later I can honestly say that I am no longer that same person. I can say “I am, and will be making money” with no hint of resistance. I believe this with every fiber of my being. There is no way I could even say that before, let alone believe it. Meg not only helped me launch my new business, she also helped to make a plan so I could make money right away. Other areas of my life also began to happen: I got my dream job making really good money, doing what I love, started a website selling services and products I really believe in, and I got another aspect of my career going again that I had almost given up on. I plan on making 6 figures this year, and I say that with all seriousness. I would have bitterly laughed at myself for saying that before. Now I joyfully laugh at all I have to look forward to. Thank you for guiding me through this incredible transformation Meg!!!

- Hanna Hall


I’m one of those people who loves to be busy and I have many interests. Trying to juggle everything from starting a freelancing business to to teaching yoga to running a food blog, had me feeling pretty overwhelmed. I decided to work with Meg to help find clarity in my path and what direction to take for each of my endeavors. Our discussions led me to realize my overarching “mission," which has given me so much clarity in how I want to proceed with my work. As a result of the prompts and exercises she provided, I have been better able to recognize and attract abundance, figure out actionable steps to grow my businesses and I have even uncovered an entirely new (positive) perspective on a looming life decision in my near future. In addition, to the wonderful work that she does, Meg is such a wonderful person to be around in general. She has a calming and loving energy that instills a sense of encouragement and support. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to learn and grow in their businesses, relationships and life in general!

- Taylor Brooke Berman, Creative Entrepreneur