Welcome Lovely! As a Spiritual Teacher and Healer, I help women, like you, expand their capacity of love for themselves, deepen their spiritual connection, trust their own inner wisdom, and honor their dreams and gifts, so that they can share them with the world in the way they were divinely designed to.



Often times we forget that life is a co-creation process. We feel stuck in our own reality and become attached to our story, even if it’s not a story we like. We feel like life is happening to us, and we can’t see what’s possible beyond our current circumstance.


I totally get it. It feels so much easier to put walls up around your heart, pretend you don’t care, barricade your dreams and hope that the possibility and desire for more will go away. But it won’t. It’s not meant to. 

Your soul has a divine plan, and it will seek every opportunity to honor its purpose. You feel the desire for greater love, abundance, freedom, and expression because it’s hardwired in you to have it. When you wake up to that truth, when you remember that you are, first and foremost, a spiritual being here to experience greater love, healing and transformation, then those doors you’ve closed on yourself begin to open. And your experience of life becomes one of opportunity, growth, and miracles.


I believe in your purpose. I believe in your dreams. And I believe in your capacity to have everything you desire so that you can give of yourself in the greatest way.


"Meg Haines deserves every great review and the highest rating offered. Meg is a wonderful vessel of positive energy and wisdom beyond her years. She is a true gem with an amazing gift for the world to experience. Similar to most people, I have succumbed to a lot of setbacks in life that in retrospect perpetuated a broken set of beliefs. Since my encounter with Meg, I have grown significantly! Through the life-coaching sessions, she has helped me identify my positive attributes that I was unaware of, as well as highlight areas that need special attention in order to produce positive change. Additionally, she has assisted me in so many areas of my life that I was able to land a new promising career at my dream company! How remarkable! I have gained an insurmountable amount of knowledge, self-love, wisdom, healing, and a stronger spiritual relationship that will continuously benefit me in all aspects of my daily life. Experience her gift first hand and you will understand the truth and passion that exist within these words."
Tanisha, Magic Johnson Enterprises

"Meg's energy and charisma is above and beyond anyone I have come to know. She is immediately an ally, a teacher, and a GIVER. If you love yourself and feel a calling for something bigger and more meaningful in your life, sign up for life-changing experiences and results! She is not only an extraordinary mentor and teacher. I have never felt more safe, grounded and secure with all of the work that we have done and continue to do. She has been my biggest champion, my voice of reason, my godly led instruction, and I believe I can call myself her number one fan."

-Megan P, Intuitive Healer, and Wardrobe Stylist for Commercial & TV  www.meganshealings.com


THE world needs you

No more playing small. No more dimming your light.

Stand out and Shine lovely!

Everything you need to succeed is already within you.

Let your soul lead the way.