Welcome Lovely! This is a divine tribe of women, and it is of utmost importance to me that the group maintain it’s integrity and safety as we introduce new members. For that reason, please review and honor these guidelines:

1. While sharing is encouraged, please refrain from promoting or selling within the group. Less marketing, more connecting.

2. No silent suffering! Reach out for support when you need it. Remember that in order to receive, you must first ask.

3. Please keep your candor supportive and loving with members in the group. We honor truthfulness and sincerity, but only when it’s delivered with kindness and respect.

4. Please refrain from all political, racial, or religious conversation, so as to respect the rights and beliefs of everyone in the group. With that said, spiritual topics (such as Angels, The Universe, Manifestation, etc.) and metaphysical practices will be freely shared. If this, in any way, interferes with your beliefs, please consider another group that would support and serve you better.

5. To maintain the safety of the group and all its members, nothing discussed within the group is to be shared with non-group members. This protects the integrity for everyone to speak openly and freely.

6. We reserve the right to take down any post we deem inappropriate and discourteous to the group. We also reserve the right to remove any member that acts inappropriately.

7. You get what you put into it. Your results and transformation are a direct reflection of your willingness to take part in the challenges, exercises, coaching opportunities and the resources made available to you. We want you to receive the most from your investment with us!