Angel Message- Week of December 8th, 2014

This week is all about making time to stay connected to your guides and Angels, as well as the big visions you have for your life. Daily meditations and visualization don't need to be an elaborate ceremonial process. You can do this while taking a shower, standing in line, sitting in traffic (eyes open in that case). The point is that you make time to connect. This is the most important act of self-care, so that you can stay anchored in peace and possibility. Then every action becomes about how to expand upon that peace and possibility. "How can I make someone's day brighter?" "How can I enjoy this moment?" "What could I do right now that would support my big vision?" When you're connected to Spirit and aligned in purpose, life opens and expands in miraculous waves. Your Angels say, "Keep your faith strong, and your joy high. If you are momentarily taken out of joy, let yourself fall right back into it. When you loose your connection, it is never really lost. Much like a lamp, the power source is always flowing. If you want to turn on the light, you simply plug it back into its source. You are no different (except the energy of the Universe never short-circuits)! It is always flowing, always available, always with you."