Angel Message- Week of January 19th

This Week's Angel Reading asks you to pay attention to how you stop yourself from forward growth? What are the circumstances that cause you to fall back into sabotage? In those moments when overwhelm and fear creep their way in, remember that your thoughts have the power to change your situation. Take a break, do things that bring you back to the joy, magic, and possibility of life and return to your situation with a fresh energy and absolute certainty that you can make miracles happen. Aren't you, after all, a miracle in and of yourself? The third card "Animal Kingdom" reminds us to take notes from our wise, furry teachers who trust with unmistakeable faith that they are and always will be provided with love and support. Tapped into their own re-"source" they live by instinct and by their capacity to adapt to change. Surrender, allow and trust are the major themes to explore this week. Though the road ahead may be unclear, the path that is always certain is that God loves you and is always providing for you. "See not with your eyes but with your heart."