Angel Message- Week of March 23rd


This week's Angel Reading encourages us to stop and CELEBRATE! You just went through a roller-coaster of highs and lows and now it feels like things are slowly coming into balance. Honor that you are exactly where you need to be and your prayers have been heard. Let your feelings guide you this week. When you're unsure about a direction you should take or decision you should make, consult your heart (not your head). When there is too much chaos in the brain, more thinking adds to the overwhelm. You have all the answers within you, it's just a matter of listening and following your guidance. You will know if you are headed in the right direction if you recognize coincidences or synchroncities showing up in your life. Going back to your mind, there has been a lot of brain activity and mental clutter that needs to be moved through you so you can better tap into your guidance. Pick up that journal and start pouring out all that content until you start to feel clear. Just like your home needs to be dusted every week, so does your brain! Honor all the work you've done this far, pay attention to the signs around you and signals within you, and clean up the space between your ears!