Angel Message- Week of April 6th


This week's Angel Reading comes as a reminder that you are always supported and guided. Whenever you are feeling disconnected from Spirit, from your guides and Angels, it simply means you are letting life situations and circumstances distract you from what is actually real. You are a spiritual being having a human experience. Much like a virtual reality game, you are in this game of life, not of it. Take a step back and ask, "what is getting in the way of my connection right now?" Look at all possible distractions and ask Archangel Raphael to clear them from your energy field. Imagine him standing in front of you with his palms faced forward, his hands acting as magnets, drawing the toxic and heavy energy from your body. Once it has all been removed, feel his green, healing energy filling up your body, restoring it back to peace. Your guides and Angels have been trying to communicate with you but because of all the distraction you haven't been able to hear, see, or feel their guidance. So if you are having a hard time receiving the signs and messages you need, ask them to make it bigger. Don't ask for specific signs, but rather a big enough sign that you won't be able to miss. The third card in the spread reminds you that you have within you all the POWER to make manifest your dreams and desires, and to, again, not forget that first and foremost you ARE a spiritual being! The card itself shows Archangel Michael with his sword and his torch of light forging fearlessly ahead. The light is behind him, as it is behind you, and always there for your support. Lean into it if you need to, and trust that the Universe always has your back. Even in the moments when you think you're alone and overwhelmed with "the stuff of the world", there is a purpose and magnificence to everything you experience, and an opportunity for greater healing and expansion if you allow it. Your Angels say, "There is no need to suffer. That is not a requirement for spiritual growth. Allow us to support you and ask for what you need."