This Reading was done using James Van Praagh's "Adventures of the Soul" Card Deck, and Doreen Virtues' "Healing with the Angels", "Archangels", "Daily Guidance From Your Angels", and "Archangel Michael" Oracle Card Decks. 

Theme for the Year: Peace 
"I am a being of love and I release all negative energy." Last year we explored themes of honesty and integrity, exposing the truth, and celebrating our authenticity. We are now being asked to take that truth and show up fully in who we are, making peace with ourselves and with others. This is a powerful shift that signifies an opportunity for us to all shift on a global level. Peace starts with you. See that as your contribution to the planet. The more you stand as an advocate for peace, the more love you bring to the world. You are being asked to bring awareness and accountability to your life, taking inventory of how you are and aren't contributing to peace (individually and collectively). 

Question: "What do I need to stay anchored in peace?"

January: Freedom  
You start off the year craving more movement and expansion in your life. Whether that is within your body, your finances, or your relationships, you want your intention and focus to be on the feeling of FREEDOM, what it allows, offers and invites to you!

Question: "Where in my life right now so I feel restricted, limited, or stuck?"

February: Trust
January starts off with a lot of momentum (despite the occasional melt-downs), but by February it is natural to start doubting if your efforts are paying off. Remember the analogy of planting a garden: don't dig up your plants immediately after putting them in the soil to see if they're growing. Trust the process and do your part by watering and tending to your dreams. Bring awareness to everything you are doubting, so that by exposing your fears, they become less overwhelming and ominous. 

Question(s): What am I not trusting in this process? Where in my life do I need to bring my faith to?

March: Children 
Let's just say there's a reason Spring Break happens in March. The theme of children requests that you "lighten up!" If you have been going nonstop trying to accomplish all your goals within a certain timeline, take a break, (and a breath), stop what you're doing and focus on being playful. Play will enhance the power and potential of your work!

Question: What do I need to do to have more fun?

April: Life Review 
This is a perfect time to take inventory of where you are at in the first quarter of this year. This is when you look at the big vision you started with and tweak what no longer feels relevant, make new commitments, and amp up your drive, excitement and passion! Don't forget to celebrate all you've done so far! Never discount your growth!

Question(s): What am I celebrating? What is needing more of my attention and support?

May: Gentleness 
May is traditionally  a very busy time for everyone, between graduations, concerts, recitals, play-offs, weddings, competitions, the list goes on. To balance the hectic and chaotic "to-do's", make quiet time a priority this month. You can always find time (don't believe the lies your Ego will tell you!) YOU ARE A PRIORITY. Doing this will not only give you more energy, but allow you to be truly present for others and those important life moments!

Question: What relaxes, soothes, and calms me?

June: Charka Clearing

June transitions us into the next season (SUMMER!) The theme of chakra clearing invites you to be more open to opportunities as they show up. This is a time to step out of your comfort zone and move boldly towards your dreams. This is a month of BIG ACTION! 

Question(s): Am I matching the vibration of what I want to attract? What can I do to open myself up to opportunity?

July: Day Dream
July is setting us up for the second half of the year, so it's a time for reflection on your big vision, brainstorming new ideas and visualizing the road ahead. Taking time to visualize is an important way to stay connected to what you desire for your life and what action you need to take to get there. If dreaming BIG overwhelms you, look at the next 3-6 months ahead to keep it manageable.

Question: What is my vision and how am I aligned with that right now?

August: Life Purpose
"Focus on serving a purpose and then your purpose will serve you." This month connects you to the overall theme of Peace, in that when your focus and intention is on adding value to the lives of others, you add to the collective peace, raising the vibration of another person, a community and the world. Let your work this month be intentionally driven to serve and support someone else in need. (a great focus to keep throughout the year as well!)

Question(s): How can I serve? What message or gift can I share in the service of others?

September: Law of Attraction
"Each thought is an investment that pays immediate dividends, so invest wisely. You have the power to choose your thoughts and align them with love, peace, and harmony. At your request, we will gladly attune your energies to higher frequencies." September is the harvest season, when everything that was planted in the spring now bears its fruit. This is when you take pause to see what "seeds" (thoughts) you have been planting, so you can adjust your thoughts accordingly. (If you want heirloom tomatoes, don't be planting cucumbers!) 

Question: What "seeds" (thoughts) am I planting and do they align with my higher vision?

October: Romance Angels Are Helping You
When you fall in love you are consciously connected to the magic and beauty of life. Since September was about setting intentions for the future (planting seeds), in October you are ACTING AS IF all your manifestations are already here. Make gratitude a deep practice this month. Give thanks and appreciation for all that you have. The Universe gives to grateful people- it's Law. 

Question: How Lucky Am I?

November: Shield Yourself
November has us moving towards the holiday season, which can mean TRIGGER CITY for some. Between food and family, maintaing a practice to keep you grounded and centered will be a must. This card is also encouraging you to practice non-reactivity, which aids in the bigger theme of peace. When you operate from neutrality, not allowing yourself to be affected by others, potential fires are immediately put out and you successfully shift the situation and people involved to peace. 

Question: What do I need to support myself?

December: God is in Charge
Ending the year perfectly with the sentiment: "letting go and letting God." This is a time for celebration, to acknowledge all that you have learned, experienced, overcome, and accomplished. There may be some unchecked items on your "goal list" but completing the goal is not the agenda. It's moving forward. Also remember that your time and God's time are different, and when you trust the Divine to unfold in its perfection, you have peace and can enjoy the ride!

Question(s): What am I celebrating? What am I surrendering?