Live As If

A few week's ago, I had the pleasure of attending a dinner with a powerhouse group of women. We showed up to that dinner as the women we wish to be 3 years from now. One woman handmade a cover she wrapped around a book and passed it around as her new bestseller. Another woman wore a beautiful ring nestled perfectly on her finger to announce her recent engagement. I guess you could call it an acting exercise, but no one in that restaurant knew we were acting. And very quickly, we forgot we were, as we slipped into these new realities that seemed just so obvious and matter of fact. As we celebrated and congratulated each other on the events that had transpired over the last 3 years, this exchange of encouragement seemed to solidify and validate our deepest hopes and desires as absolute possibilities. Tables were intrigued by our conversations, and the servers became more joyful as the night went on, feeding off the energy we were radiating across the restaurant. I walked away from that evening so full from the experience and in absolute belief that I could do, have, and be anything I wanted. 

I fully realized in that moment the power we have within us to change the scope of our reality. We may have been taught to downplay or invalidate our imagination as childish, but that is our greatest tool for creation. It is through our imagination that EVERYTHING comes to life. Every invention, every home, every product, or story was born in imagination. Those are TANGIBLE THINGS that were created from an invisible, yet very real space. So why do we doubt our desires as being unrealistic? Creation has no size limit. There is no desire too big or too small, and yet WE are the one's putting a cap on our potential. 

Nature trusts its design. A flower doesn't feel less worthy than another flower. A tree doesn't NOT become a tree because it doubts it's potential. But we do. With our ego mind we orchestrate all the reasons why what we want is not possible. We think we are being practical and realistic, but the reality is that we are simply not giving ourselves permission to believe in the possibility of our dreams. 

And the beautiful truth is this: the Divine would not give you a seed that it did not want you to plant. Our desires are not by accident, but by perfect design. They could be simple or they could be grand, and there's no judgement around any of it. And when we honor the dreams inside of us, our life and the lives of those around us are transformed. 

So three years from now.... Where are you? What are you doing? Who are you with? And how good do you feel? I would love to hear from you! Email me at love@meghaines.com so I can celebrate your amazing life!

And if you want to host your own LIVE AS IF Dinner, here are the rules:

1. Invite guests who will honor the experience and come to it with an open heart and mind.
2. The event starts when your guests walk through the door and ends when they leave. There is no "breaking character" as the intention is to be fully invested in this new reality.
3. Let yourself dream bigger. Get specific. You might realize there are things you want you didn't even know you wanted.
4. Encourage and celebrate each other, as this validation and support from others helps to affirm what is already true for you.