LOVE INSPIRED MOVEMENT is an integration of dance and coaching as a transformational and cathartic healing practice, to allow the true voice of the soul to be expressed. As a dancer, choreographer, healer and life coach, I have found there is no greater freedom than the ability to let your body tell your story. Accessing your pain, sharing your joy, and releasing all of it with movement, heals your humanity and allows your soul to reveal it’s wisdom, beauty, and Love. Through this process we become reconnected to our soul, and unite with others in empathy and compassion.

It’s Love Inspired by Movement.


"The body says what words cannot." 
-Martha Graham

"The body says what words cannot."  -Martha Graham

At the age of 3, I was officially introduced to the world of dance. The first time I stepped onstage, I had found my calling, my home. It was onstage that I disappeared and my soul emerged. All tragedies and struggles faded away and I was lifted up by this force that was far greater than anything I had ever experienced; freedom from body, expansion of Spirit and connection to God. Had I not had dance during the more difficult moments of my life, I could have found myself on a completely different path altogether.

The “dance world”, however, is not always so gratifying. It breeds judgment and perfectionism that destroys the healing, artistry, and magic of dance itself. The desperation to have perfect, beautiful form at all times was what kept me- after 19 years of dedication to the craft- out of the classroom for the next several years. I didn’t want to dance if it was going to be ugly. I didn’t want to be judged by others or myself, so I shut down my gift and put it on the shelf.

Not dancing for a dancer is a slow depression to the muscles and anxiety to the Spirit. I felt like an alien in my body, completely disconnected from my joy and my unique expression of Self. Luckily, the Universe has a magical way of waking us up. For me, since I’m a “2 by 4 over the head kind of gal”, that meant breaking my foot. Let me tell you… I woke up! It triggered the possibility of what my life would be like if I could never dance again, and that was soul-shattering. For years as a teacher, I had told my students, “I don’t care how pretty it looks. I want to FEEL your soul, your truth, your heart… I want to know YOU! That is all that matters.” I decided I needed to take my own advice, quit the excuses and dance for all the reasons that it made me feel.

Every single one of us has a story that is webbed into our veins. Some parts of that story are beautiful and some are painful. Dance opens the door to feeling all of it. It moves us through discomfort, helping us to acknowledge where we are with acceptance. It frees us from confinement, and propels us forward in joy. Dance is the medium through which your soul speaks. It is so much more than pretty lines and elegant turns.

Our life can be messy and it can be graceful. So can dance. The drive behind Love Inspired Movement is to create a sacred stage for women to share themselves honestly without revision. We talk, we relate, we connect and then… we move! We move through all of it… the pain, the pleasure, the grief, the ecstasy and we land in the center… observing our journey in admiration and celebration, with a new-found grace to continue dancing forward.

The goal? Joy. Freedom. Expansion. Understanding. Compassion. And of course… LOVE.


"It is as though I had somehow found a way to sever the chords holding me to this earth and for a moment, if only for a fraction of a second, I can fly." -Anonymous