Angel Message- Week of November 17th, 2014

This week the Angels are urging you to pay attention to the signs and messages you've been receiving about the habits you are ready to transform. This could be anything from unhealthy food choices, alcohol, or being too plugged into your devices, but they are here to help you transcend these distractions. They are asking you to get really clear on what is making you happy and what is not. When we are caught up in addictive habits, we get stuck in a cycle of sabotage, and it becomes harder to make positive changes because we don't feel good about ourselves. The key is to feel good now, choose it, make that your focus for each day, and when your intention is to be happy, you will make more positive and loving choices. "When you can be present with where you are right now, without shame or judgement, you detach from the distraction and allow an opening for real change. Decide today that in doing the best you can for yourself in this moment, you focus on making choices that serve your health and your happiness at the highest level. If you become overwhelmed with the urge to choose distraction, call on us in that moment to support you. Tapping is also an effective way to reduce cravings and impulses by calming down the reactive body and become neutral. We hold the vision of your perfect wholeness. We are so proud of the positive changes you have already made and these habits you've been fighting are ready to be cleared! Give over all struggle to us and surrender to the joy that you've been resisting. You are so worthy of it."