Angel Message- Week of November 10th, 2014

This week's message is helping you to remember that everything is always happening FOR you... For your growth and evolution. You can't really know Love without heartbreak, happiness without depression, kindness without hurt. Living in this world of dualities allows you to discover more of what you DO want by experiencing what you don't. Your Angels are ALWAYS with you! In the moments when you've lost touch with their connection, it's because you are too busy talking, screaming, begging, pleading... Distracted by what's not working and unable to hear their guidance or recognize the answered prayers that have been delivered to your door. The only thing that separates you from experiencing miracles and synchronicities is your choosing NOT to see them. In those moments when you feel alone, screaming at your guides for answers, get quiet, retreat, and turn your focus to all the beautiful gifts that surround you. Focus on what IS working. Choose to see miracles as expressions happening all the time, not just some times. Their big message: "Unplug from your devices and plug back into Heaven. Meditate, go for a quiet walk in the woods, sit at the beach and watch the waves roll in. BE WITH YOURSELF as uncomfortable as that may be at first. Your healing to any situation is always within and reflected back to you in miraculous ways. Start trusting and honoring these messages and if you need support, ask for gentle ways to transcend a situation (whether that be an addiction, a relationship, or a career move). And always remember... You are a spiritual being, there is nothing you can't handle!"