Angel Message- Week of November 3rd, 2014

As we move into the first week of November, we are two months away from the end of this calendar year. Normally, this is when we tend to give up and sabotage on the goals we set for ourselves, because "what's the point?" Your Angels recognize that this can be a hard transition and usually nutrition, exercise, self care, and time management are the first things to suffer, followed by feelings of guilt and shame. They are asking you to lift any guilty feelings about what you have or have not done, and honor that your power is always in the present moment. Take inventory of where in your life you are not feeling 100% and set little goals for yourself this week. It's easier to make a change step by step than leap by leap. With every moment you achieve or honor a goal, take a moment to celebrate. Likewise, when you find yourself slacking or sabotaging, stop and ask yourself "what do I really need right now? How can I turn this around so I feel in control again?" When we are kind and loving with ourselves, we respond in kind and loving ways by valuing ourselves enough to respect our bodies, our dreams, and our lives. Any worry, pressure, or fear you have, hand this over to your Angels and ask them to support you in creating a healthy, loving lifestyle. Notice those little whispers of support and remember your Angels will never make demands and they will never shame you. You are supported and held in love always!