Angel Message- Week of October 20th, 2014

This week has us focusing on our mindset. A healthy, positive, loving mind puts us in a place of true joy and gratitude. In this way, we better serve ourselves, our relationships and our work. Take inventory of all the limiting and painful beliefs that are holding you back from experiencing happiness. From those limiting beliefs, create positive affirmations that align with how you WANT to feel. Use the present tense as if you are experiencing it now (i.e. I am abundantly provided for. Every need I have is met with grace and ease. I am in harmony with everyone I meet. The Universe works to support me in every way.) Be really conscious with your thoughts. When you catch yourself in negative thinking, don't use judgement or shame. Instead, laugh, and choose a more powerful statement. Feel into the feeling of those words... How would your life be different if you truly believed this? Shield yourself from negative talk, avoid conversations about lack, not because you are in denial, but because you are choosing to operate under the belief that there is more than one way to look at a situation. Keep doing this and you'll notice you will start shifting your mindset from one of limitation to one of possibility and miracles. How you think is a choice. To say you have no control over your thoughts implies that your brain is running the show, not your greater consciousness. You always have a choice and you can choose to be happy now.