Angel Message- Week of October 13th, 2014

Great news: "The worst is now behind you." The energy shifts from changing seasons, Mercury Retrograde, and the Blood Moon had us all up in arms emotionally, mentally and energetically. For some, it felt like you were pushing through molasses trying to get to the other side. What is happening during those shifts is a download of new energy, that affects (increases) our vibration. As we are adjusting to this new energy we can feel drained, anxious, overwhelmed and emotional. It's important to remember that those shifts (as uncomfortable as they can be at times) are always bringing us to a greater spiritual understanding/connection, as well as a better relationship with ourselves. Every challenge and obstacle offers with it an opportunity to bring more love, peace and joy into our lives. Without the darkness we cannot know and experience our light. You will be guided this week to expand your spiritual understanding through a book, a class, or maybe through a conversation that sparks a new way of looking at the world. Follow this guidance as its your Angels answering your prayers. Through this wisdom we become whole. Through this wisdom we return to Love. "I thank you Angels for guiding me towards the truth, wisdom and beauty of life, so that I may understand my purpose and live fully in Love."