Angel Message- Week of September 22nd, 2014

There is deep, internal shifting this week, and we are being asked to be courageous, and continue moving though it. Call on your Angels if you need additional support, but remember that change always leads us to something greater. By accepting it instead of resisting it, we ride the current with peace and are able to move through the discomfort much more quickly. Maybe there is one major block that's keeping you from fully stepping into your life and purpose, and this resides in your chakras, deep within the body. You've been wanting to clear it out or break through it for a while, but now you are in a place to really heal and let this go. The gift you will be receiving this week is healing. Though this clearing will be bringing up stuff from deep within the surface, it's nothing you don't already know. But it brings with it the key to heal it. Be gentle with yourself this week, take alone time when you can, to sit with "what is this block in my life?" "What is it's message to me?" "What gift does it bring?" "What do I need to know in order to let this go for good?" Affirm throughout the week: "I am willing to let this go, and allow my natural state of grace to heal this. I am a miracle."