Angel Message- Week of September 29th, 2014

You are being asked to take inventory of the things in your life that do not make you feel safe. This includes safety around feeling powerful, speaking your truth, taking a bold and courageous step forward, and acknowledging what within you is needing to be healed. Anything that takes away from your ability to feel powerful, confident, and good, does not contribute to your safety. It only causes you to dim your light. Cast over any fears to Archangel Michael, as he is the Angel of protection and guidance. When you call on him, imagine him standing directly behind you with his wings outstretched, wrapping around you. Breathe in his energy, as you start to feel his protection and his Love radiating within you. With each exhale, push out all fears from your body and allow yourself to be held. "You are important enough to ask, and Divine enough to receive."