Angel Message- Week of February 2nd

This week's Angel Reading is all about responsibility. In order to see results in your life you must take full responsibility for all the actions and decisions you have made thus far. Taking ownership of what has not been working in your life is not about self-blame or judgement, but empowerment. When you can see just how powerful you are to create what you don't want, you can start shifting your choices so that they reflect what you DO want. Be assertive. Stand behind your words and actions (with love), ask for what you need, take full responsibility for your part in what isn't working and make a new plan of action. Like the entrepreneur, you must be your own advocate and push ahead with your dreams. As the picture in the card shows, you must light the fire within yourself to continue forward with your goals. What motivates and energizes you? And are you doing those things on a consistent basis? The third card is the answer to the equation. Assertiveness + passion/action = abundance. When you show up consistently in your life, driven by love and purpose, the Universe showers you with abundance in all forms. Perhaps that is more money, more opportunity, more freedom, or more love. Whatever the case may be, you are responsible for the script of your life. Let that be something that excites and empowers you. "You are not a victim to life. You are a co-creator of life. Create a story worthy of your brilliance."