Angel Message- Week of February 9th

This week's Angel Reading is all about opening to the healing that will take you higher. When you make a request to the Universe to move beyond a situation, release something that is holding you back, or allow something even greater into your life, pay attention to the teachers and learning opportunities that come into your life. Whether this is in the form of a workshop, a book, or an interaction with another person, recognize this as a divinely timed manifestation to your request. (Example: If you have been wanting to work on patience, notice the opportunities that are coming up to actually practice it. If you have been feeling the urge to connect with your intuition and get invited to a meditation class, recognize that as an answer to your prayer). The second card pertains to the relationship with yourself, for you must first find harmony and acceptance here before you can extend it to others. The people that are pushing your buttons and causing you chaos are in fact reflecting something within you that is not in harmony. Ask, "what is the emotion being brought up here, and what am I really (fill in the blank) about?" The response is not to judge your feelings but to honor what comes up for you as valuable information. With this wisdom you make more informed, thoughtful decisions and your actions reflect the growth and harmony within. Others will take notice of your positive change and be inspired to follow suit. "Those that bring light to their own darkness, make the whole world brighter."