Angel Message- Week of March 9th

This week's Angel Reading is about the power of self-reflection. You have been on a "healing quest" for quite some time, reading books, seeking out teachers/healers, taking up some sort of practice in the hope that you will discover the answers you seek. While all of these things are helpful and will aid in your journey, the answers are (and have always been) within you, simply waiting to be asked the right question. This week spend some time journaling and make this a sacred time, away from distractions. It is the distractions that have kept you from knowing the truth of your soul. A few questions to ponder this week:
"What is the truth I am afraid of admitting?" 
"What am I not giving myself permission to want? And why?"
"What is the payoff I receive for... (fill in the blank: staying in debt, not starting my own business, attending to everyone else's needs before my own, etc.). If the question doesn't make you uncomfortable or fire up an emotion within you, it's probably not the right question. Give yourself this time. Honor the sacred truth of your heart. And reach out to those that can support you in moving forward with the information you receive. Your Angels say: "Sometimes you're afraid to ask because you're afraid of what you might find out. We guarantee there is nothing that could be revealed to you that would make you less worth loving, but rather all the ways in which you have withheld love from yourself. This information helps you to powerfully make a new choice and to honor the truth of your soul. Call on us for comfort and encouragement and open yourself to the healing that is awaiting you."