Angel Message- Week of March 2nd


This week's Angel Reading starts off with your Angels wanting to acknowledge that they have heard all your prayers and don't want you to worry, as worry slows down the process of manifestation and their ability to get your prayers answered. It's also a reminder for you that when you feel like you're alone, you are the farthest thing from that. Ask them for additional comfort, patience, and peace, as well as clarity and motivation to help your manifestations to arrive with grace and ease while you continue moving forward. (No waiting "until")! This week take time to get everything out of your head by writing it down, from day to day tasks, to how you want to feel, to visions of the future, to things that you want to create. When all this information stays contained in your head, that's when you feel foggy, unclear, and unfocused. After you've purged your thoughts, prioritize what is most important for March. Keep your focus specific to this month, as that will help lessen the distractions and overwhelm. Also, look at which tasks you can delegate to others to make your efforts more productive and enjoyable. "We love you and are here to support you. Ask for help and know that in your asking, we are already at work helping to bring the best and highest good for you and others. Your joy and peace serve the world, so every prayer (no matter how big or small) is important to us." As Wayne Dyer once said, "You are Divine enough to ask, and important enough to receive." For any manifestation to work, you must do your part, by continuing to be in loving action and faith, while holding your arms out wide to receive what is Divinely yours. So, ask for help, clear your head, sharpen your focus, and open yourself to receiving.