Angel Message- Week of May 4th

This week's Angel Reading is all about connection: connecting deeply to your passion and dreams, connecting with others, and connecting to love as the foundation through which you think, speak, and act. If you have been feeling disjointed, overwhelmed, or confused as far as your path and direction, always go back to your passion. Your passion will light that fire within you and ground you back into your body (as overwhelm and confusion are signs that your energy is concentrated in the upper chakras and needs to be brought back down) so that you can move with the fuel of what excites you! You were each put on this earth to be a presence of love, and this includes that which you do. So if you find you have not been honoring your heart and your dreams, spend some time connecting with that this week. Connecting with others, especially those that have the capacity to support and encourage you is a MUST. Without that connection, it is so easy to fall back into silent suffering. Reach out to your tribe this week and share your frustrations and goals with them, asking specifically for what you need. Even if you're uncomfortable with asking for help, ask anyway! You never know who you can serve or inspire with your question, and this will help you get back on track. If you don't have a tribe, this is a big nudge for you to set an intention to find or create a community of like-minded/ like-hearted individuals. The last card is reminding you to stay connected to love. Whenever you are entering the unknown, fear is always ready to turn you upside down. In those moments, choose love by asking, "what would love have me do?" Love is always present, it's just a matter of you choosing it. Close your eyes, breathe into your heart, and let the love within you pour through your body, washing away any fear that may be stuck. "With love, all things are possible."