Angel Message- Week of May 11th

This week's Angel Reading is all about honoring your inner vision. What does the ultimate vision of your life look like? What are you doing in that vision? Who is there with you? How do you feel in that life before you? Taking time to connect with and honor this vision is essential to the creation of it. Every day, before you head out into the world, spend about 5 minutes just connecting with what it is you wish for your life to look and feel like. When you do this, you make different choices throughout your day and have different interactions with others. You then start to look at the things that do not align with that vision, and begin making changes. Life isn't going to stop for you to do this, and your ego will try to scare you out of such action, as that is its job. But when your heart is aligned with truth, love, and purpose, there is nothing scary about that. Eliminate all negativity around you so that you can focus solely on the vision ahead and the gratitude of walking into the life that is calling you. To honor this vision is to honor your soul, and it is the deepest act of love for yourself and others, for when you are living your purpose, you change the vibration of this planet from fear to love. Trust your vision as a download from Heaven nudging you towards accepting your greatness. Own it. Honor it. Live it. Become it. Every single day.