Angel Message- Week of June 22nd

This Week's Angel Reading is about trusting that you will receive what you have requested to manifest. This has been a recurring theme over the past few weeks and whenever a message is being delivered more than once, it's time to really listen. Just because what you desire is not visible to your naked eye, doesn't mean it's not on it's way to you. It's much like placing a food delivery order. When you request for food to be delivered to your house, you don't doubt that it will come. Instead you prepare the table to eat, and get excited about the food you are about to eat. It is no different with your desires, and The Universe acts as that delivery company. You've already placed your order, you don't need to put it in again, unless it's to make modifications or specifications about what it is you want. In the meantime, there are two things for you to do. 1- take action by preparing for those desires. (example: if you're wanting to move locations, start packing up a few boxes or get rid of things you don't use anymore. Don't wait UNTIL the Universe brings you the opportunity to move. Start moving now!) And 2- Allow yourself to receive... Everything! You might not even realize you have a pattern or habit of turning away support, kind gestures, or whatever else comes your way. If someone offers to buy you coffee and you turn it down you're not allowing yourself to receive. The Universe is always trying to give to you, so by receiving even the smallest gesture, you're allowing it to give more to you. Trust, Take Action, And Allow yourself to receive all the good that is on its way to you now!