Angel Message- Week of June 15th

This week's Angel Reading is all about remembering how abundant you are! What your visible eyes can see is not all that there is. To trust in The Universe/ God/ Your Angels means to trust ALL the time... Especially when you have no visible proof that your prayers have been answered. You don't question that a plant will bear fruit or that the order you placed at a restaurant will be delivered. It is the same with your prayers of abundance. You can't see the inner workings of how it's all coming together and it's not necessary that you do. Just trust that what you receive will be what you asked for or something better at the most divine delivery time. Let go of any fears from the past- doubts in yourself and your abilities- as these block and slow down your prayers from being answered. When you question whether you will receive what you asked for, you're putting out a prayer of doubt. The Universe responds to your predominant thoughts, assuming that is what you most desire. So keep your thoughts focused on that treasure chest (everything you desire), showing gratitude and excitement for already having received your blessings.