Angel Message- Week of August 10th

This week's Angel Message reminds you to "Let go and Let God." It is the Ego that makes you doubt and question whether your prayers have been heard. But you are not your Ego, so stop identifying with its fear chatter. Instead affirm, "Everything I most desire is on its way to me in its perfect form and in its perfect time. I am grateful for all that I have and all that is headed my way." Stop hovering over your dreams. Take a break and go play! Have fun! Enjoy your life so that more joy can come to you. When you are stressed and doubtful you block yourself from seeing or receiving miracles. But by aligning yourself with the energy and vibration of what you most desire, you allow more to come to you. Commit to having a moment of play or relaxation this week and give yourself permission to let go. God and your Angels have your back- let them do their thing!