Angel Message- Week of August 3rd

This week's Angel Reading reminds us to CONNECT back to our heart's desire and soul's purpose. There is no such thing as a dream that's TOO big. If it serves your greater good and the greater good of others then it is vital you honor it. Take time to reflect on what it is you most want for your life and how it makes you feel to have it. The second piece to this is the reminder that Manifestation is an ACTION Word. Thoughts alone cannot bring material things or experiences into physical form without you being engaged in activity. You are co-creating with the Universe and it responds not only to what you think but also what you do. Taking action towards your dreams aligns you in the energy of what you desire, therefore allowing the Universe to bring more to you. The third piece is GRATITUDE, giving thanks for what is already on its way to you. And the fourth is LETTING GO. Release your agenda and let the Universe do it's thing. When you stop hovering and take a step back, you allow the Universe to perform miracles on your behalf. It's not your business to know HOW. Just keep connecting to your desires, focus on consistent action, show your gratitude and surrender it over and step back when you're feeling stressed so you can connect back to your dreams again and become inspired. Your dreams are important. They make our world better and provide you with the joy, love, and peace to be of greater service. Own them!