Servant vs. Service

As many of you have noticed, my work has shifted, back-peddled, and turned on its side, trying to find its place of center. With the help of my amazing coach and dear friend Amber Lilyestrom I finally feel like I'm coming home to the purpose that has eagerly awaited my arrival for some time. Things will, of course, continue to shift as that is the course and way of life, but the path before me is clear, and I feel the gratitude pouring over me. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being with me on the journey!

This clarity was not reached overnight. It's been baby steps and giant leaps, but one powerful realization underlies all of it. About a month ago, my best friend and I were sharing the aspects of our business that we found to be soul-sucking. We knew it was no longer work we wanted to do, but couldn't justify movement around it at the time. And that's when I said it:  I'm in the business of service, and I feel more like a servant doing this work.  

There was my Ah-Ha! And at the same time, my body had been trying to clue me in on this for a while. I noticed that every time I was engaged in an aspect of my business that didn't sit right with my soul, I would feel OBLIGATION, RESENTMENT, UNWORTHY, LESS THAN, LIMITED, and not to mention PHYSICAL PAIN.  Contrary to that, when I felt I was truly being of service, my soul filled with INSPIRATION, CONNECTION, JOY, LOVE, FULFILLMENT, and PURPOSE. One expands, the other constricts.

Since I've learned some lessons the hard way, I know my body will eventually STOP me (by breaking) if I don't take action and make the necessary changes in my life. So I did. I let go of the "gigs" that no longer synced with my higher purpose and the weight of servitude was lifted. 

So, how do you move from SERVANT to SERVICE?

First you gotta get really clear about what isn't serving YOU. Pay attention to the signs. What is your body telling you? How are you feeling? What are your thoughts around it? Sometimes, it can be as simple as adjusting our mindset. We don't need to quit the job, or let the client go, but we might need to establish better boundaries and get centered back in our WHY, so that IT can drive us back to purpose... and our joy!

A mindset malfunction is an easy fix. If, however, you are feeling that something bigger needs to shift (like leaving a career, starting your own business), you want to honor that and respect the process. Have a plan of action in place. Ask for support to help you make this transition. Consult your Angels, ask for signs, and be open to receiving their guidance. Allow your intuition to lead you. The bigger vision of your life may not appear in front of you. You may, in fact, stumble upon it, but the purpose of your life will find you either way. 

We are here to share our gifts, talents, ideas, and wisdom with the world and receive the abundance, grace, and gratitude that is our Divine birthright. Whenever we act as a slave to something, be it work, a dream, an expectation (ours or someone else's), a career, or an idea, we are operating under the belief that "we have no other choice." We, of course, always have a choice. We must remember that, in truth, we are a slave to nothing. Our belief that we are is coming from Ego, not God. When we choose SERVICE, we choose LOVE. When we choose LOVE, we've found our purpose.