Self- Care is a Practice

Well, I thought... I did it again. After injuring my neck for the second time, following the "I can't believe I did this! How could I be so stupid?"  chatter from my Ego, I smiled, laughed and realized, "Oh... that's why they call Self-Care a Practice." 

Self-Care is any practice that nourishes, replenishes, fuels, and shows love and kindness to our body, mind and soul.

I'm a huge advocate for teaching what I need to learn, and Self-Care is an ongoing lesson for me. The biggest challenge I have- aside from my endless excuses- is truly GIVING MYSELF PERMISSION to take care of myself, without feeling guilty. Now matter how much "self-work" I've done, I realize there is this societal meme that affects us, and that is that Martyrdom is a Virtue. Let's be real, it's not. 
Going Without, So Others Can Have Is Not Service To The World!
Still.. the urge to sacrifice is always there. 

So I've created (for you and me) "The WHY's of Self Care" so that when resistance (i.e. excuses, old beliefs, guilt) moves in, you are still able to honor yourself and this practice:


1. It's The Loving Thing To Do
First and foremost, giving yourself time and attention is an act of Love. It's showing appreciation and respect to your body for being the vessel that carries your soul. It's acknowledging that you need and deserve attention and care just as everyone else does. How you treat yourself is in direct proportion to how much you love yourself!

2. Because You're Worth It!
We are all too familiar with this famed L'Oreal tagline, and choosing Self-Care as a daily ritual allows us to really FEEL the meaning behind it. Self-Care increases our connection to how worthy weare and our ability to accept what is best for us at all times.

3. To Know Thy Self
Self-Care begs us to ask: "What do I need? What makes me feel good? Happy? Peaceful? What is the best thing I could do for myself in this moment?" Through the answering of these questions, you become acquainted with yourself. Instead of hoping that someone else will be able to understand you and give you what you need, you can skip the middle man and be your own best advocate and support.

4. Runneth That Cup Over!
When we make Self-Care a priority, essentially we are filling up our energy source. That means... more Love, more Light, more Joy, and more Help to give to the world! For all you givers out there- this one speaks to you! You gotta restock the supply so you have more to share with the world!

5. People Will Thank You
How do people in your life receive you when you're happy, centered, grounded; full of life and compassion? A whole lot better than when you're a grump! In giving back to ourselves, Self-Care washes away resentment and overwhelm so we can be our very best for the people we love! 

6. Because Opinions Are Like.... You Know
Imagine for a second how you would feel if you TRULY did not care what anyone else thought of you? Maybe you've mastered this already or have had glimpses of this throughout your life, but if you're someone who really invests in other's opinions (and I raise my hand in this crowd!) then meet your friend: Self-Care. Naturallywhen we take care of ourselves, we invest in our own importance and truth, making other people's perception of us seem far less important. 

7. You Can't Hate When You're Lovin'!
If you fall victim to negative self-talk, a Self-Care practice is the anecdote. When you're treating yourself with love and compassion, there's literally no room for negativity in your brain. Why is that? Because you're acting from a place of consciousness, from God, from Love... not Ego. And you can't be in both states at the same time. Self-Care aligns you with the energy of Love, and only God resides there. 

8. The Power Of Love
Ultimately, Self-Care is a sign of deep respect. When you respect yourself, you feel confident. When you feel confident, you can do anything! Practicing Self-Care helps you to feel in charge of your life (purpose), honor what you need (integrity), learn how to support yourself (self-reliance), and choose the very best for yourself (trust). Self-Care helps us to align with the powerful light beings we are and live from a place of Love and service, rather than fear and obligation. 

9. A Life Worth Living
Why are you here? To live a mundane, average, what-ever existence? Of course not! You're here to experience LIFE! When you practice Self-Care you are in connection and harmony with all of Life... discovering pleasure, uncovering joy, and experiencing the beauty that's all around you.  It's the deep appreciation and gratitude for the opportunity to be on this Earth, having this human experience. We come here not just for the spiritual lessons, or soul evolution... we come for the pleasure! Let's not miss out on it.



You Love The World That Way!