Angel Message- Week of October 6th, 2014

We are in a time of great flux, but recognize all change as an opportunity to break through illusion and return to love. The theme this week is about TRUTH. Honoring the truth of your intuition, honoring the truth of your feelings, honoring the truth of your spiritual path. Are you living it? Are you walking it? In truth, we become unchained. In truth, we are set free. Living this truth requires courage, but call on the Angels for support to give you the strength to live from truth and help you in letting go that which no longer aligns with your path, your purpose, or your vibration. "Angels, I ask for your grace in helping me to stand in my light and be a presence of love in this world. Guide me to clearly see and know my path, eradicating all fear so I can see the truth, the way, and the light. And so it is."