Angel Message- Week of February 16th

This week's Angel Reading is focused on self- expression. How do you primarily express yourself in the world? Do you shy away from confrontation and swallow your words? Or do you feel you have to shout to get your needs met? How does this manifest in your physical body and in your life? This week, pay attention to when you feel confident expressing yourself and when you don't, noticing if you fall towards the aggressive or passive side of the spectrum. This observation is not to judge yourself but to recognize patterns of communication that no loner serve you. Making connections to those patterns, you may find similarities in the way family members communicate, as that was how you learned to express yourself- by watching them. Again, there's no judgment, as everyone is doing the best they can with the information they have, but it IS an opportunity to choose something different. When you can be assertive and confident with your expression, knowing your opinions and thoughts (spoken with love) have value, then you feel more authentic, create healthier relationships, communicate your needs in a powerful way, and break the chains (as pictured in the third card) keeping you stuck in that old pattern. Your Angels say, "The voice of God- of love- is wanting to express itself through you. It is through you and only you that that expression can come forth. Honor it, speak it, and know you are worthy to share it."