Angel Message- Week of February 23rd

This week's Angel Reading brings awareness and healing to a pattern of manifesting that does not serve you. You have been taught that in order to feel happy, secure, grateful, etc. you must first obtain the thing you want. But that thinking is backward. You must feel the feeling first in order to be in alignment with the vibration of what you want to attract. To break it down even further, if you are sad because you are not attracting the romantic partner or dream client you want, that emotional state is not going to pull that partner or client into your existence. In fact, it will repel them. BUT if you can instead be grateful and excited for all you have and all that's on it's way to you, your energy is now attracting more things to be grateful and excited about! "Like attracts like", so align your energy, thought, and feeling with what you WOULD like! So what do you do with all those worries spinning in your mind? Start by writing them down and putting them in a box. The intention behind this box is to hand your worries over to God/The Universe, so that you can stay focused on how you want to feel and give your fears to the light!