Angel Message- Week of June 8th

This Week's Angel Reading is about surrendering to the Divine by shifting your perspective on your situation. Last week's full moon and Mercury Retrograde have been stirring up a lot of emotions and energy. You may have even felt like roadblocks were purposely being placed in your path. Recognize these as blessings, that either that was not an opportunity that was intended for you (because something greater is), or that all the pieces aren't yet complete. Take pause this week by asking, "What is the blessing to this block?" By doing this, you not only regain your power over the situation, but you also align yourself with the complete trust that God/ The Universe/ your Angels have not abandoned you and are not testing you. They simply have a higher vantage point and know what it is you truly want, as well as the most perfect path to get you there. Surrender all your worries to Heaven, as worry keeps your vibration low and blocks you from seeing or experiencing the miracles that ARE occurring all around you. As is depicted in the second card, the Angels are sending you "white doves", messengers of affirmation to keep the faith. Pay attention to these messages, whether they come through a song on the radio, a conversation with a friend, or a sign you happen to glance at while driving. If you recognize it as a possible sign for you, simply know and trust that it is. This is also a perfect opportunity to acknowledge yourself and show forgiveness for anything you feel you are "failing at" or "not doing right". You are bogged down with expectations of yourself that are keeping you from joy and celebration of the things you have actually already accomplished. Honor yourself for the changes you've made, and release yourself from the contracts or beliefs you have that are unforgiving towards yourself. You are doing the best you can, and when you show yourself love and compassion, you actually allow things to flow perfectly, and the results or opportunities you are desiring simply open before you. "You are your biggest roadblock. When you dismantle the defenses you have created, the path before you clears, and the light above guides you forth."