Angel Message- Week of May 18th

This week's Angel Reading is all about listening and receiving. You have guides and angels that are assigned to work specifically with you. There are also Archangels and Ascended Masters you can call on for extra guidance. You have an infinite amount of support around you, it's just a matter of opening yourself up to receive that support by listening. In order to hear your guidance, you must have moments of stillness each day to be present to what they are offering you. Meditation or walking quietly in nature are great ways to practice attuning your chakras to receive information from your guides and angels. If you are having any difficulty call on Archangel Raphael (the healing angel) and say: "Thank you Raphael for clearing away doubt, distraction, and fear, so that I may hear my divine guidance clearly and perfectly." Imagine Raphael's green healing light penetrating through one ear and out the other, clearing with it any debris in the form of mental chatter, mental fog, stress, doubt, and fear. It's also important this week to look at what is adding chaos and distraction in your life that may be preventing you from stillness, so that you can either remove it or set boundaries around it. "You must be still to hear. In the stillness, awaits your truth."